Competent Persons Reports

Examples of CPRs undertaken by the Directors of PMC prior to the formation of PMC are shown in the table below:

Year Mineral Stock Exchange Client Deposit Locations
2012 Coal London OAO Siberian Anthracite Russia
2012 Coal Ireland OAO Raspadskaya Russia
2011 Coal London/New York OAO Mechel Russia/USA
2011 Coal/Iron Ore/Vanadium London OAO Evraz Holding Russia/South Africa/Ukraine
2011 Copper London OAO Russian Copper Company Russia/Kazakhstan
2011 Apatite London OAO FosAgro Russia
2011 Copper/Zinc Hong Kong Kazakhmys Plc Kazakhstan
2010-2011 Iron Ore/Nickel (Eurobonds) OAO Industrial Metallurgical Holding Russia
2009-2010 Coal Moscow OAO Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company Russia
2008 Iron Ore (Eurobonds) Metalloinvest Russia
2007 Copper London OAO Russian Copper Company Russia/Kazakhstan
2007 Coal London SUEK Russia
2006 Coal Moscow OAO Raspadskaya Russia
2006 Gold/Silver London Hochschild C&S America
2006 Coal London (AIM) Cambrian Mining Plc Ukraine
2006 Iron Ore London (AIM) London Mining Plc Greenland/Sierra Leone
2006 Coal London (AIM) KSK Energy Ventures Plc India
2006 Coal London New World Resources AS Czech Republic
2006 Iron Ore/Coal London OAO Evraz Holding Russia
2005 Coal London (AIM) Cambrian Mining Plc USA
2005 Coal Hong Kong Shanxi Sanyuan Coal Mining Company China
2005 Copper/Zinc London Kazakhmys Plc Kazakhstan