John S. Warwick

Managing Director

John Warwick is the Principal Mining Engineer of Phoenix Mining Consultants Ltd. He leads all Mineral Expert’s and Competent Person’s Reports projects as well as driving business development across the key regions of Europe, Russia and South Africa, with particular expertise in Russia and former CIS countries as regards the rules, regulations and culture associated with mining and international finance.

He has more than 40 years’ experience in the coal, base and precious metals, and industrial minerals mining industry and for some years has been one of the leading “Competent Persons” for the preparation of Mineral Expert’s and Competent Person’s Reports for all the major stock exchanges of the world. He has lead over 30 CPRs in the last 8 years for major mining companies listing mainly on the London, Toronto, New York and Hong Kong exchanges.

John’s background is in mine operations and management developed in the UK where he held a number of senior and director positions in the coal industry’s public and private sector including Head Of The Underground Environment for the British Coal industry prior to privatisation. More recently, he has been Managing Director of International Mining Consultants (IMC), operating as Project Director on all major projects around the globe.

John has a B.Sc. in Mining, Nottingham University (1975) and a B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Newcastle University (1973) and is a former mine manager with a Mine Manager’s 1st Class Certificate (1976).  He is a Chartered Engineer and European Engineer (Eur. Ing.), a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and is a Member of Institute of Directors.