Why choose us?

Over the last decade, the mining consultancy industry has shifted from a corporate focus towards individual competency and credibility, driven by regulatory emphasis on the authority of the ‘Competent Person’ required to sign off market reports and recommendations.

Phoenix Mining Consultants has been established by three such ‘Competent Persons’- John Warwick (Mining), Dr John Knight (Geology), Peter Robinson (Finance) – who believe that this shift has created the need for a new kind of mining consultancy.

The Phoenix model is a deliberate move away from scale and bureaucracy, instead organised around a tight core of highly qualified individuals who have direct and constant engagement with all projects. At least one of the agency principals will be involved with each project at all times.

Since its inception in January 2013 PMC has undertaken assignments in a number of countries including Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Macedonia and the United Kingdom.

Calling on the expertise established over a decade PMC are well placed to work on many commodities around the world. However, the recent focus has been on the Russian Federation and particularly on coal projects. Assignments have ranged from fatal flaw assessment to cost benefit analysis and two full feasibility studies.

Assignment synopses can be found in the Case Studies section but also include long term mining company and legal firm technical support, as well as Competent Person’s Report review and investment potential assessment.

Phoenix’ three principals have a combined 53 years in operational roles in the mining industry and a further 77 years as mining consultants, with extensive cultural and technical knowledge of all major global markets. Whatever the nature of your project, challenge or opportunity, we have the competency and experience to help you and your partners make the most of your resources.